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“Love the live one-on-one classes. It is like sitting in a classroom in Peru”.
Barbara Noller, Australia

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Spanish Language Immersion

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The Online Spanish Course that Gets Results Fast

Web Spanish Offers You an Unbeatable Learning Experience

Online Spanish Lessons that Get Results

Spanish Classes Online with Trained Teachers Using a Proven Curriculum

  • When you study with us, you see results materialize after the very first lesson because you practice speaking one-to-one with an expert instructor in every single class.
  • You will keep motivated thanks to regular evaluations and lesson plans that give you a clear sense of accomplishment and purpose.
  • You stay flexible because we don't ask you for monthly fees. With Web Spanish, you pay step-by-step.
  • You are unique. Your Web Spanish teacher will adapt the course to suit your needs letting you advance at your own pace.

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One-on-one Spanish classes are an excellent way to reach your learning potential!

Why wait any longer? We offer you a proven path to learn Spanish quickly and conveniently and the sooner you register for your trial class, the faster you will be speaking with confidence.

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