Narcos and Spanish

walter moura clippedBrazilian actor Wagner Moura had a great, though unusual, reason to learn Spanish: he had been cast to portray the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar in the Netflix series Narcos.

According to Moura, his first thought after being chosen for the part was that it was a serious case of miscasting; after all, he weighed thirty pounds less than the character required, and to make matters worse, he couldn’t speak Spanish.

Taking matters into his own hands, Moura hopped a flight to Colombia where he ended up taking a Spanish immersion course in Medellin, Escobar’s old stomping grounds and his efforts have paid off – the first season of Narcos was well-received by the critics and his work earned him a Golden Globes nomination for best actor, although Colombians who follow the show complain that he hasn’t conquered the Colombian accent.

wagner moura golden globe

¡No importa! We still give Wagner and “A” for effort. He is yet another example of someone who proved that you are never too old to learn Spanish. All you need is the right motivation.

Moura says he enjoyed his Spanish immersion experience in Medellin, and said “It’s just like being at school, learning things and eating delicious food!”.

If you’d like to learn Spanish, but you don’t have time to take an immersion course in a Spanish speaking country, remember that you can always take private classes online from the comfort and convenience of your home or office by clicking here. You might not win the Golden Globe or get to act the part of a feared narcotraficante, but you’ll still feel smarter and more alert, and you’ll be able to communicate with hundreds of millions of new people around the world. Not a bad payback.

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