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Noticia de la semana – Educación en Brasil

Thanks to all for the feedback you sent us regarding the new format of “Mundo Hispano”, which offers Spanish students a fresh news story every week plucked from Latin America which we rewrite into three different versions meant for students studying at either the basic, intermediate or advanced level.

This weeks lesson deals with education in Brazil (spelled “Brasil” in Spanish), and it covers statements made by its president, Dilma Rousseff, who argues that education is the key to future development and social inclusion in the country. Of course, Brazilians speak Portuguese, not Spanish, but Brazil is such a behemoth in South America that news there takes on a regional relevance.  Now, sit back, put your thinking caps on, choose your level, and give it a click!

Educación en Brasil – Nivel Básico

Educación en Brasil – Nivel Intermedio

Educación en Brasil – Nivel Avanzado

We hope you enjoyed this installment of “Mundo Hispano”. Remember to let us know what you think about our Spanish video lessons, and if you have not enrolled already, consider joining us for some Spanish lessons online with our trained and friendly tutors.


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