Noticia de la semana – Turismo en Uruguay

We are launching something new this week! Open this post to find three versions of a news item that we have adapted to be understood at either a basic, intermediate or advanced level. Listen to the one which you feel is closest to your level, or listen to all three. If you are a Web Spanish student, you can discuss the article during your next class.

We love the idea of presenting our students with news from the Spanish-speaking world that they might not pick up in their newspapers back home and we hope you agree.

We´d love to hear what you think about these new lessons, so don´t be shy, publish your feedback in the “comments” section.

So what´s the topic of our featured story this week?  Tourism in Uruguay breaks new records! Listen, read, and learn!




We will soon be making the Mp3 audios and scripts available to students enrolled in our program.

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