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Spanish Lesson – ¿Dónde está el mercado?

Sometimes, even the most independent, stalwart and stubborn traveler needs to ask for directions from a stranger. It is a part of traveling, and is in fact a great opportunity to get some Spanish practice in, and open the door to further conversation.

But if there is one thing that is harder than asking for directions, it is understanding the answer. There are so many variables involved, including the accent, the speed and inflection, and last, but certainly not least least , the risk that the person you are asking does not really know the answer, but would never want to admit that to you, so “directions” that you receive are counter productive and you get lost. So often, when it comes to learning how to get somewhere – like to the market – you just need to keep asking until you find it. By the way, the woman giving us the directions in this video makes a mistake; you should be able to spot what it is if you compare her body language when she points to what she says. Have fun!


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