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Web Spanish – Behind The Scenes – María Vera

The goal of our Spanish audio lessons is to take a recent current event that we consider to be important and relevant in Latin America, and to write it up and record it in Spanish using simple, easy to understand language.  This is harder than it sounds, but Web Spanish is fortunate to have María Vera on hand to help create these lessons for you.

María Vera is a journalist by profession and a Spanish teacher by vocation. She graduated with a journalism degree from the prestigious “Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos”, which besides being one of the leading universities in Peru, has the honor of being the oldest university in the Americas. In parallel with her studies in journalism, María also found the time to become fluent in English. Most of her journalistic work was in radio, until she was drawn away by a new love: teaching Spanish. She has been one of our Spanish tutors online for more than two years, and helping with our blog since April.

Thanks, María, for all the great work!


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