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“Love the live one-on-one classes. It is like sitting in a classroom in Peru”.
Barbara Noller, Australia

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Spanish Language Immersion

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Spanish Grammar and Conversation Lessons

The Two Ingredients of Effective Spanish Study

Studying grammar and practicing conversation are necessary ingredients of effective Spanish learning. The best programs include both of these essential components, giving students plenty of reading and writing practice, as well as opportunities to use the Spanish they learn.

Will the Web Spanish Online Program teach me grammar?

Yes, grammar rules are introduced and practiced steadily throughout the program, using a variety of different learning tools and activities. Check the menu bar above to see a description of the lessons you will take.

Will Web Spanish Online give me opportunity to practice my Spanish?

Absolutely! You'll have plenty of opportunity to practice speaking with your private teacher during every class. Reading comprehensions and writing practice are usually set as homework tasks in order to maximize interaction with your teacher during class time. Most of our students are motivated learners who also follow other self-study programs independently!

How long will it take me to learn Spanish on line?

That depends on what level you have when you begin, but if you begin from zero and study online just 3 hours a week and dedicate sufficient independent study time, you should reach an advanced level within 2½ to 3 years. Double your study time and you'll master the Spanish language in less than 18 months! Of course, if you already speak some Spanish, or only need to reach basic or intermediate level, you'll reach your learning goals much faster. Take a look at our Online Program Syllabus for more information about our online courses.

What do I need in order to learn the Spanish language quickly, easily and effectively?

Well, let's start with a fully qualified private teacher who gives you maximum opportunity to practice speaking and who is able to address your own particular needs much more thoroughly than you could expect from a group class. Then let's add that this private tutor will work with a variety of fun and interesting learning resources, such as authentic videos, podcasts, news articles, audio clips and more.

But what if you don't have time to travel to class? Fear not because with Web Spanish the classroom travels with you! Enjoy the convenience of studying with a live, private teacher from work, your home or from anywhere with a broadband internet connection!

You needn't even worry about the cost because we take pride in providing our students with an affordable way to learn. Why not see for yourself how one-to-one classes with us really help you learn Spanish? Sign up for a $5 trial class today.

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