How Web Spanish Works

How Web Spanish Works

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Web Spanish Online is an easy-access online Spanish program. It’s 100% convenient, allowing you to study from home, your office, or anywhere in the world that has access to a broadband internet connection. All you need is a computer, a headset and you´re ready to learn!

You learn Spanish within the contemporary cultural context, enjoying regular access to engaging audios, videos and other types of multimedia. Web Spanish teaches a standard vocabulary and Latin American Spanish grammar.

Your private native Spanish teacher communicates with you live, using voice software and a virtual blackboard. This means that you and your teacher will be speaking to each other, and your teacher will be displaying the class real-time on your computer screen.

During your class you work through a lesson with the guidance and support of your teacher. Lessons cover speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary, and the communicative style we embrace helps you gain fluidity and improve your pronunciation. After the class is done, your teacher will send a record of class notes, and will assign you 10 to 20 minutes of homework.

All our tutors are fully qualified and trained to teach in an online environment. They care about your progress and will help you reach your learning goals. Courses range from basic to advanced, so whether you’re a complete beginner or have been studying Spanish for years, we will provide instruction at the right level for you -- and if you apply yourself, we guarantee that you will learn Spanish quickly.


Web Spanish offers the following Spanish courses online:

General Spanish               Medical Spanish               Discover the DELE Exam                Video Tutorials


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We will help you learn Spanish quickly and conveniently and our course will give you a deeper understanding of the Hispanic world.

We promise to provide you with a fully qualified private teacher who gives you the maximum opportunity to practice speaking Spanish and who will thoroughly address your particular needs. You will make much faster progress than you would in a traditional group class.