Spanish Idioms: “Quien no oye consejo, no llega a viejo”

quien no oye consejo no llega a viejoHere is an Idiom that you can use to say that is important to listen to people’s advices.

Spanish classes with: “El Linguista”- Adverbios medio y todo


In this video lesson, our friend the linguist gives some examples of how to use the word “medio” when describing a partiality. En este video, nuestro amigo el Lingüista nos brinda algunos ejemplos de cómo usar la palabra “medio” cuando se describe una parcialidad.

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Spanish Idioms: “En el país de los ciegos, el tuerto es rey”


Here is an idiom in Spanish that you can use to express that no one will notice you are bad at something is you are surrounded by people who are even worse.

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Web Spanish Turns 10


This month Web Spanish celebrates its 10th birthday! In a way, it´s hard to believe that it has been ten years since we first began offering Spanish classes online, though when we recall all of the changes we have been through – and all of the work we have done – other days is seems […]

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Spanish Grammar: “Preguntar por la salud y dar consejos”


Struggling with Spanish grammar? Why not try some live lessons online with one of our qualified teachers? 

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Spanish Idioms: “A duras penas”


Here is a Spanish idiom you can use when you want to say that sometimes in life, there are difficult things that need to be done.    

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Spanish Classes with: “El Chistoso”- El colmo de un jardinero


Learn Spanish and laugh with El Chistoso in his newest video where he takes a poke at gardeners. Read the transcript in English and Spanish, here: ¿Cuál es el colmo de un jardinero? What’s the worse thing that could happen to a gardener? Que su novia se llame “rosa” y lo deje plantado. That his […]

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The Hardest Part of Learning Spanish

Professor Scott Geller

The language teacher stands in front of an auditorium full of Spanish students and asks: What´s the hardest part about learning Spanish?  “The subjunctive mood”, shouts one.  “No, No, No..  it´s the application of gender”, hollers another.  “Uh, Uh. You´re both wrong” blurts out a third. “It´s the way vocabulary and the use of personal […]

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Spanish Idioms: “Ni bebas agua que no veas, ni firmes cartas que no leas”


Use this Spanish idiom to warn a friend who wants to make a big commitment, especially one that involves money.

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Latin Culture with “El Diplomático – La cena

El Diplomático

Do you know what to do and not to do when you are invited to a dinner party in Peru? Learn it with “El Diplomático” in this new Free Spanish Lesson video. Read the transcript here: Welcome, ladies and gentleman. In this opportunity, I am going to tell you what to do and not to do […]

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The Future of Free Spanish Lessons

The Future of Free Spanish Lessons

There is a wealth of free Spanish lessons now available on the Web, in fact, you might even call it an avalanche – and it´s become nearly overwhelming.  Don’t get me wrong: I think it is a great development, and as technology continues to progress, we can count on seeing new methods of virtual teaching […]

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