Spanish Idiom: “Más vale malo conocido que bueno por conocer”

Here is an idiom in Spanish that you can use when you want to say that sometimes unknown people or situations can be disappointing.

Spanish Idioms : “Desayunar un loro”

Here is an idiom in Spanish that you can use when you want to describe a person who talks a lot.

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To Find the Perfect Online Spanish Teacher, You Need to Understand Chemistry


Here is a question for you to ponder:  How many teachers have you had in your life? Give it a try and add them up – from kindergarten to college – and I´ll bet you´ll hit at least the 70 mark.  Then, add in your coaches, your in-house training instructors at work,   and the scattering […]

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Spanish Idioms: “Quien todo lo quiere, todo lo pierde”


Here is an idiom in Spanish you can use when you want to describe a person who wants to do too many things at the same time and that at the end doesn’t do any.

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Spanish for law with: “El Policia”- El caso más gracioso

“El Policía” this time  has a funny story about a football match discover what is it about, and if you don’t understand it, maybe in time for you to enroll in one of our Spanish programs and to start learning Spanish online anytime anywhere. Read the transcript here:  Yes, we do have false alarms in this profession […]

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Spanish Idioms: “El que la sigue, la consigue”

el que la sigue la consigue

Here is an idiom in Spanish that you can use when you want to describe a motivated person who will reach his/her goal.  If you want more Spanish lessons, please visit our website: 

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Star Students & Strategies


If you were to ask the students enrolled in our online Spanish classes how fast they´d like to learn Spanish, of course they´d tell you “as fast as humanly possible”.    This should come as no surprise:  students are in a hurry to reach the level of mastery they need so they can begin to engage […]

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Clase de español con: “El Lingüista”- ¿Qué hora es? o ¿Qué horas son?

¿Qué hora es? o ¿Qué horas son?

Descubre la manera correcta de decir la hora en español con este divertido video y, si no lo entiendes, a lo mejor es hora que te inscribas en uno de nuestros programas y aprendas español con un profesor nativo. Discover the correct way to say the time in Spanish with this video, and if you […]

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Using Social Media to Teach Spanish: Introducing “La Profe”

Learn Spanish using Facebook? Even a short decade ago – back when Web Spanish began teaching Spanish classes online – asking anyone this question would have rewarded you with a blank stare, and a puzzled “Facewhat??” It´s really amazing how Facebook – now fast approaching its 11th birthday on February 4th – has gone from […]

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WebSpanish: New Online Spanish Programs – Medicine, DELE Prep

If you are one of the regular visitors to our blog and website, you’ll notice that we have updated our look and have launched 2 new online Spanish programs to help meet the growing and diversified demands of our students. The first course I would like to tell you about is Medical Spanish. We teach […]

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Expats Drowning in the Ocean of Opportunity

Migrant Mouse

Let me share a fable I heard years ago from a Peruvian English teacher who was trying to stimulate her young students to take their studies seriously.   The fable tells of how a young Peruvian mouse had immigrated to the  United States in search of a better future.  This young, naïve yet optimistic mouse arrived […]

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