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“Love the live one-on-one classes. It is like sitting in a classroom in Peru”.
Barbara Noller, Australia

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Who is Web Spanish?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Web Spanish Language School was founded in 2005 and for the past few years we have taught thousands of hours of classes to students from all over the world. Our program was originally developed at El Sol, our affiliate school in Lima, Peru. All our teachers are currently trained at El Sol and our program continues to be monitored there.

What is the Web Spanish vision?

Our vision is that language instruction and educational interchange help to build bridges between countries and cultures, raising awareness and deepening our understanding of other peoples and ways of life.

What is the Web Spanish mission?

Our goal is to help our students learn Spanish quickly, easily and effectively. We take pride in treating all of our pupils as individuals, caring about their progress and helping them to reach their personal learning goals. Our teachers are interesting, engaging people who make learning fun.

Why not see for yourself how the personalized attention you receive in our one-to-one live classes really helps you to learn the Spanish language? Sign up for an introductory class with your own private teacher today.