Spanish Lessons Online - Intermediate Level

Spanish Level Chapter Content
Intermediate 1A. The good old days!
  • Describing in the past tense
  • Talking about habitual actions in the past
  • Describing actions that have been interrupted by other actions
  1B. An interesting biography
  • Telling stories in the past tense
  • Writing stories
  • Talking about unfinished actions
  • Talking about past actions using the indefinite and imperfect preterit
  2A. Today you’ll have a great day
  • Talking about the future
  • Making predictions and hypotheses
  • Expressing conditions and consequences
  • Talking about technology and progress
  3A. Get some rest!
  • Giving orders
  • Giving instructions
  • Talking about superstitions
  3B. Make up your mind! Do it!
  • Giving permission
  • Giving orders and advice
  • Encouraging and persuading
  • Talking about the environment
  3C. That one, that one, the one over there!
  • Giving descriptions using relative pronouns (what/which – “que”)
  • Giving descriptions using relative pronouns (who – “quien”, “quienes”)
  • Referring to people using relative pronouns (the one(s) which – “la que”, “el que”, “las que” “los que”)
  • Referring to places and objects using relative pronouns
  • Relating two or more ideas using relative pronouns
  4A. Everything’s happened to me
  • Talking about actions that have happened recently
  • Talking and asking about personal experiences
  4B. I’ve been working a lot lately
  • Talking about events that have happened recently
  • Talking about current actions and those that could happen
  • Talking about actions that start in the past and continue into the present
  4C. The world of work
  • Expressing opinions
  • Describing cause and effect
  • Expressing limitations
  • Composing texts
  5A. What would you do?
  • Expressing probabilites or conjectures
  • Asking favors and expressing oneself politely
  • Giving advice and recommendations
  5B. He said he’d go
  • Reporting what another person has said
  • Expressing feelings and desires
  • Talking about physical changes
  5C. I go red!
  • Talking about different moods
  • Expressing emotions
  • Talking about health
  6A. Time goes by
  • Talking about past actions that happened before other past actions
  • Telling stories
  6B. Comparing past tenses
  • Differentiating between the uses of the preterit tense
  • Comparing the use of the preterit indefinite and imperfect tenses
  • Describing situations
  • Writing a story
  • Talking about habitual actions in the past
  6C. I’ve just arrived
  • Drawing attention to the fact that an action has finished
  • Drawing attention to the repetition of an action
  • Referring to the duration of an action
  • Referring to an action that is in progress
  7A. My ideal partner
  • Expressing desires
  • Describing situations using the subjunctive
  7B. Have a good time!
  • Expressing desires using “if only”
  • Expressing desires using “that”
  7C. I like him to be romantic
  • Expressing emotions and feelings
  • Reacting to different situations
  • Talking about important celebrations
  8A. What do you advise me to do?
  • Giving and asking for advice
  • Talking about friendship
  8B. Do you want me to help you?
  • Expressing desire, will and necessity
  • Offering and asking for help
  • Describing different situations
  8C. I order you to…
  • Giving orders
  • Permitting and prohibiting
  9A. Big cities
  • Expressing negative opinions and doubt
  • Talking about life in the city
  9B. It’s necessary that I find an apartment
  • Expressing impersonal opinions
  • Expressing negative opinions
  • Differentiating the use of the indicative and the subjunctive
  • Giving advice and recommendations
  10A. Review
  • Review 1
  • Review 2
  • Review 3
  • Review 4
  • Review 5
  • Review 6

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