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“Love the live one-on-one classes. It is like sitting in a classroom in Peru”.
Barbara Noller, Australia

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Spanish Language Immersion

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Online Spanish Classes – Packages and Pricing

Before committing to a longer program, we invite you to try us out at with an introductory trial class at the reduced price of only US$5.

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Once you take your trial class and you have seen for yourself how Web Spanish can help you learn quickly and effectively, you can choose one of the following price-packages and continue your studies:

Study Package Number of Academic Hours Price per Academic Hour Total Price
Web Spanish Bite Size 10 $17 $170
Web Spanish Standard 30 $16 $480
Web Spanish Scholar 50 $15 $750

*One academic hour lasts 50 minutes.
Access the Terms & Conditions here.

Which online course is best for me?

The Bite Size Package is ideal for Spanish learners who are just beginning their studies and want to take things step by step. Remember, you can always start with the Bite Size package and then move on to the Standard or Scholar package later in your program.

The Standard Package is great for students who are serious about learning Spanish and want to make headway with mastering the language. You can also make yourself a good saving with our special discounted price!

The Scholar Package is aimed at students who really mean business and are 100% dedicated to learning the language. Enjoy the extra discount as a reward for your enthusiasm and commitment to learning Spanish!

Do I have to complete my study package within a certain time limit?

No, definitely not! We have a fully flexible study program that gives you the freedom to study whenever suits you best. There is no time limit on consuming the hours you purchase; you may study at your own leisure, taking breaks or pressing ahead with your program according to your personal schedule.

Is there any difference in the curriculum based on which study package I purchase?

No, there is no difference. We offer various study packages merely to give our students the convenience of different price per hour options. All of our classes follow the same curriculum.

How do I pay for my lessons?

You may pay for your classes via PayPal.This is a globally recognized payment system which offers safe transactions by Internet.

What currencies does Web Spanish accept?

PayPal accepts multiple currencies. Please visit their website for more information.


Remember! It all begins with your trial class offered at a reduced price of only US$5. We think that once you sample the high quality of our teachers, materials and methodology, you will decide to join our student body.

Register Now For Your Trial Class - and start learning from the comfort of your home with a trained and caring private teacher.

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