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“Love the live one-on-one classes. It is like sitting in a classroom in Peru”.
Barbara Noller, Australia

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Web Spanish Reviews

As part of our on-going commitment to provide superior student services, we send periodic questionnaires to our students asking for their feedback on our teachers, our materials and our methodology. Some these students have given us their permission to publish their testimonials.

Student Comments About Our Online Spanish Course

“I have studied Spanish for years using numerous different methods but this is by far the best program I have ever taken. My instructor is wonderful, patient and knowledgeable. I have trouble taking classes in a conventional school due to my irregular work schedule but now I have the ability to schedule my classes when they work best for me. I am regularly learning and find that by speaking to a native speaker for 2 hours a week, every week, I am getting the regular practice that I need to move to the next level . This is certainly the piece that I’ve been missing for years. My plan is to continue through all the levels of Web Spanish and to gain a comfortable level of fluency. I have no doubts that with Web Spanish, my goals are obtainable.
Thank you”
Janet Hurd

“This program is the best method for learning Spanish that I have found. The convenience of classes in your home or wherever you are is great. I like the focus on speaking and listening and not reading and writing but I am not sure that all teachers automatically do this so you need to ask for what is important to you. I think the method is also very dependent on your relationship with your teacher so if it is not working for you with a particular teacher, Web Spanish are very responsive in finding a new teacher. I have recommended web Spanish to many people”.
Jacqueline Hagan

“This is a well-designed and very effective program for learning how to write, read and speak Spanish. As with any curriculum of learning you always get out of it what you put into it. Students willing to study and apply themselves will be rewarded with advancement in learning. The teachers are exceptional. They are highly intelligent, very friendly and effective at motivating learning”.
Mark Harrington

“Web Spanish has been a great tool to use to help me learn Spanish. By booking the lessons, I have an obligation to spend that time working on my language skills. In my experience traveling to several South American countries, Peruvians speak the most clear, unaccented Spanish which is why I choose Web Spanish as my on line course. They also provide a detailed curriculum to follow. My instructor Deysi is excellent. Very patient, friendly and very accommodating when scheduling classes around my hectic work schedule”.
Cheryl Kirchner

“I’ve used a variety of different methods for studying Spanish and have found Web Spanish to be one of the most enjoyable. The time flies by! The course seems well organized and structured yet fun at the same time”.
Sarah Watson

“Learning a new language is not one of the things in which I excel. I have tried various methods to learn Spanish such as Learning Spanish by CD, adult education classes and watching Spanish movies. Learning by communicating live over the internet with a caring and patient native speaker one to one at your own pace using professionally organized curricula is dramatically superior to all methods I have tried”.
Roy Bachman

“I am 100% satisfied with the service. I have found Web Spanish to be the best way to learn a new language as each class I have a chance to practice my conversation and ask lots of questions. Other more formal classes I’ve attended in the past haven’t given me enough opportunity to practice speaking. I have recommended the classes to a friend and she was pleasantly surprised at how affordable Web Spanish is compared to other forms of private tuition. Keep up the good work – I started at the basic level and hope to carry on until I become fluent!”
Elaine Richards

“There is a huge need for physicians who speak Spanish in my area, and I’ve always been interested in learning more Spanish than my very basic level. I initially learned some Spanish as a small child and then took some classes in high school and college, but once out of college and with no opportunity to practice any gains I’d make disappeared. Through the years I’ve considered taking more classes but could never find time. My schedule is extremely variable and no matter when a local class would meet, I would have to miss some time. I tried some free web sites that post lessons, but never stuck to them for long. The same would happen with software courses I bought…initial enthusiasm followed by them gathering dust when life got busy. One day I decided to look around again for online classes and stumbled onto Web Spanish. It seemed like the perfect compromise for me. Flexible enough for even a busy physician but with a schedule so that I couldn’t ignore it. It also forces me to speak; reading Spanish is much easier than listening to someone rapidly speaking it….and actually speaking on my own is something that no software based class or web site can provide. I still have a long ways to go to be considered somewhat conversant, but I can see this is a method that can take me there. It’s the perfect solution for my life and I would think many others would love it as well”.
Andrea Weist

“I recommend Web Spanish for anyone seeking to learn the language. Online learning has a number of advantages over traditional methods. The ability to share a computer screen with your instructor allows you to read, speak and listen at the same time. The online campus enables you to share assignments and chapters on a regular basis. The audio and video materials provide helpful supplements to the online classes”.
Steven Rauscher

“I took many language courses in my life and WebSpanish is by far my favorite one. My excellent teacher has me speak for as much time as possible, she corrects my mistakes on a virtual blackboard, and we work together using very good material”.
Joshua Gallo

“An innovative program that accommodates the busy professional life in every way possible”.
Jonathan Rakofsky

Student Comments About Our Online Spanish Tutors

“I love the personal attention and the ability to ask and answer questions. I am so pleased with my wonderful teacher. She makes the whole experience great! The reasonable rates are also appreciated. Thank you Web Spanish”.

“I have found WebSpanish an excellent way to keep my Spanish active and to improve it at the same time. My teachers are my friends as well as my instructors”.
Jonathan Yardley

“This is a wonderful way to have one-on-one interaction with a Spanish teacher. I can study grammar alone but this oral practice is what I need the most!”
Elizabeth Coelho

“My teacher is fantastic, very patient and has a really good attitude”.
Stephen Gethin

“I have enjoyed my 77 hours with WebSpanish. The subject matter and level of presentation is appropriate, and flexible enough to adjust to any timing changes or other changes I may encounter. I have also enjoyed the communication during the classes, and feel that Deysi is a friend”.

“I like the method. I really like my teacher. She is kind and patient with a beginner like me“.
Trent Fields

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