The SIELE exam is positioning to become the dominant global exam to measure Spanish ability, and Web Spanish wants to help you prepare to do your best in this computer based test.

The SIELE will measure all four language competencies: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking and will include regional variants of Spanish.  The test will be scored out of 1000 and there is no pass/fail, but you need achieve the highest score possible.

The SIELE exam results can be used for academic purposes, for work, or simply as a fun, objective way to measure your Spanish achievements if you are an independent learner.

The SIELE will be launched in 2016, with testing centers in China, the United States and Brazil.

The Web Spanish SIELE preparation program is under-development. Please check back, or subscribe to our newsletter, to keep abreast of future developments.

Prepare for the SIELE Spanish Exam, with the online Spanish experts.

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