Web Spanish: Teaching Our Students Spanish Online Since 2005


About Us

The Web Spanish School was created in 2005 by an international team of language educators who recognized the opportunity to help students learn in our Spanish classes online  using new tools like Skype and virtual blackboards.

These tools had only recently become widely available, and thanks to this technological advance, Web Spanish quickly became a pioneer in the field of one-to-one online Spanish instruction.

Since those early days, our online Spanish teachers have taught over 100,000 hours of online Spanish lessons over Skype, and now, Zoom.

The Web Spanish Online School has never stopped innovating and improving, and to date we remain one of the most trusted and reliable online Spanish schools in the market.

Our Team of Online Spanish Instructors


Why choose us

Because we care about our students’ progress and we have the experience and skills to help them learn in onlines Spanish classes.


Our Mission

To unite qualified online Spanish teachers with adult students in an educational environment that maximizes learning opportunities.


Our Vision

To empower adults to learn Spanish in online classes quickly and efficiently, regardless of their location or previous education.