Basic Level Spanish Classes Online


This is the syllabus we follow in our General Spanish Course. Refer here for levels and progress.



1A. Hello, what’s your name?

1B. Where are you from?

2A. And you, what do you do?

2B. When shall we see each other?

3A. What is your telephone number?

3B. Let me introduce you to a friend

4A. What time do you get up?

4B. What are your plans?

5A. What do you eat?

5B. Breakfast

6A. Let’s eat!

6B. I’m hungry and thirsty

7A. The Family

7B. Who do you look like?

8A. I like it!

8B. What interests you?

9A. Hello, can I speak to Andrea please?

9B. Blind Date

10A. Everything hurts!

10B. Shall we talk?

10C. Review