Exploring the Evolution of Spanish: Polarization, the Word of the Year

Word of the Year RAE: Polarización

At Web Spanish, your go-to online school for Spanish classes, we are passionate about keeping you informed on the latest and most significant developments in the Spanish language. The Spanish language, like any other, is in constant flux, adapting and evolving to mirror the societal changes and trends around us. In a recent and intriguing […]

Is ‘Sexting’ a Spanish Word?

is sexting a word in Spanish?

Yup! It is now. At Web Spanish, the online school for Spanish classes, we are always excited to keep you updated on the latest trends and developments in the Spanish language. Language is a dynamic entity, constantly evolving to reflect the changing world around us. The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) recently unveiled its latest edition […]

The Power of Spanglish: A Journey of Language and Identity


A language reveals its speakers’ cultures, emotions, and identities. For many Spanish speakers in the United States, a distinct linguistic hybrid has taken root – Spanglish. While some view this melding of Spanish and English with suspicion, at Web Spanish, we see it differently. We believe that any level of Spanish proficiency is to be […]

Discover the World of Spanish with Our Free Video Course: Spanish Awakenings

Spanish Awakenings: A Video Course For People Learning Spanish

At Web Spanish, we believe that learning a new language should be an exciting and accessible experience for everyone. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that our Spanish Awakenings video series is once again available for free on our webpage. This beginner-friendly course is designed to introduce you to the fascinating world of the Spanish […]

Bad Bunny Headlines at Coachella Music Festival

Bad Bunny Headlines at Coachella Music Festival 2023

Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny made history at the 2023 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival by becoming the first-ever Spanish-language artist to headline the festival. Despite initial concerns, Bad Bunny’s performance was a resounding success, with overwhelming support from the audience for him to speak in Spanish during his set. Bad Bunny’s headline act […]

Regional Dialects of Spanish: The Treasure of Language Diversity

Diversity of Spanish Words

If you’re interested in learning Spanish as a foreign language, it’s important to understand that all forms of Spanish are valid. While there are differences in regional dialects, they all reflect the unique cultures and histories of the countries and communities in which they are spoken. One recent article in the New York Times, “New Mexico […]

Tomarle el pelo a alguien

This wonderful Spanish colloquial expression means to “to fool someone” or “to kid someone”, probably with the intention of teasing them. In English, we might say “to pull someone’s leg”. The origen of the expression “tomarle el pelo a alguien” is uncertain. Some say it has to do with pulling someone’s beard, but others contend […]

Spanish Idiom: “Ver las estrellas”

WHACK!! OUCH!!  *&!*%$!! It’s happened to all of us. The culprit might have been contact sports, a low-hanging branch, a rough-housing sibling or a telephone pole that leaped into your path as you wandered along the sidewalk, staring intently at your smartphone and minding your own business.  That´s right. I am talking about receiving a […]

Infants Display Surprising Intuition at Identifying Languages

Researchers at the University of British Columbia, Canada, have demonstrated that 11-month old infants can associate the words and phrases they hear with the ethnicity of the speaker. The research was carried out in Vancouver, where 9% of the population speak Cantonese. Researchers played English and Cantonese audios to English-learning Causcasian infants  and showed them […]