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Spanish Video and Audio Lessons

Tomarle el pelo a alguien

This wonderful Spanish colloquial expression means to “to fool someone” or “to kid someone”, probably with the intention of teasing them. In English, we might say “to pull someone’s leg”. The origen of the expression “tomarle

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Spanish Idiom: “Ver las estrellas”

WHACK!! OUCH!!  *&!*%$!! It’s happened to all of us. The culprit might have been contact sports, a low-hanging branch, a rough-housing sibling or a telephone pole that leaped into your path as you wandered along the

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Give recommendations in Spanish (43/44)

Welcome to lesson number forty-three! ¡Bienvenido a la lección cuarenta y tres! In our story, Milagros, Diana and Renzo are at a coffee shop, when Milagros asks the other two for recommendations for her upcoming trip

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Using the verb “poder” in Spanish (40/44)

Welcome to lesson number forty! ¡Bienvenido a la lección cuarenta! Today, we’ll look at the auxiliary verb “can”, which in Spanish is “poder”. It’s another short power word because, just like in English, you can use

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How to refer to objects in Spanish (39/44)

Welcome to lesson number thirty-nine! ¡Bienvenido a la lección treinta y nueve! In our story, Diana is getting ready for her dinner date with Renzo, so she asks Milagros for wardrobe advice, and in doing so,

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Asking for a date in Spanish (38/44)

Welcome to lesson number thirty-eight!  ¡Bienvenido a la lección treinta y ocho! When we left our story, we saw how Renzo and Diana met over coffee and seemed to hit it off. This is going to

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