Spanish Listening Practice: “El caso más gracioso”

Policing is can be tough work, our sometimes boring and even tedious. But then there are also opportunities to have a good laugh. Listen to the Web Spanish cop as he talks about his funniest case.   Read the translation here:  Yes, we do have false alarms in this profession as well and also many […]

Spanish Idioms: “El que la sigue, la consigue”

Here is an idiom in Spanish that you can use when you want to describe a motivated person who will reach his/her goal. Your browser does not support the audio element.   If you are interested in taking more Spanish lessons,  check out our offer of  Spanish courses on line.

Star Students & Strategies

If you were to ask the students enrolled in our online Spanish classes how fast they´d like to learn Spanish, of course they´d tell you “as fast as humanly possible”.    This should come as no surprise:  students are in a hurry to reach the level of mastery they need so they can begin to engage […]