It’s time to take some Spanish classes online, Gareth Bale.

It turns out that the Real Madrid soccer star has been feeling the wrath of his fans recently  in part because of his inability to speak Spanish after more than five years with the team.

Bale was booed by his own fans recently when he was  substituted during a 1-0 defeat to long time opponents Barcelona in El Clasico. His agent , Jonathan Barnett, was quick to jump to Bale’s defense, calling the behavior of the fans “nothing short of a disgrace”, but according to Spanish football expert Phil Kitromilides, Gareth Bale’s image has been hurt  because he has been unable to speak Spanish publicly, and this was one of the reasons behind the outburst.

We understand that learning any foreign language can be tough, but all things considered, learning Spanish is much easier than learning other languages spoken in the European leagues, and five plus years is plenty of time to become conversational. For example, the same day as Bale was heckled by supporters, his teammate Luka Modric gave a pre-match interview in flawless Spanish, and he has been in with Real Madrid roughly the same time as Bale.

Gareth Bale, Web Spanish is here for you! You have a busy schedule, we get it, but you can take our classes from home, in a schedule that’s convenient to you. Enroll in our classes and we will help you turn the “abucheos” into “aplausos”.  

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