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The Royal “Nosotros”

It’s no surprise that the Royals are polyglots, we got a kick to learn that the tiniest of the regal tribe, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are learning Spanish.  Besides formal lessons, they have two in-house,

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Building Bridges, Not Walls

As a distant spectator of the US political battle, I admit to getting a little frustrated at the anti-immigrant rant prattled out by some of the candidates to the Presidency. I just can’t help feel that

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Richard Branson Says Kids Ought to Learn Spanish

I have always liked Richard Branson. As a business person, he has been able to switch industries from publishing, to music recording, to airlines, and now to space flight, always showing his detractors that he has

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The SIELE Exam

Spain’s King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia presided and important event at the San Ildefonso College in  Mexico City on July 2, 2015, where they announced the creation of a new standardized Spanish exam: The International

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The Future of Free Spanish Lessons

There is a wealth of free Spanish lessons now available on the Web, in fact, you might even call it an avalanche – and it´s become nearly overwhelming.  Don’t get me wrong: I think it is

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