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How to Learn Spanish

Making Your Resolutions Stick

  Registrations at our online Spanish school always jump during the first two weeks of January as people embark on a fresh start learning Spanish; we are overjoyed to welcome all our new students and wish

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How Can I Learn Spanish?

You have asked yourself “How can I learn Spanish?” You are not alone: Spanish is the most studied second language after English. Millions start learning it as adults every year, and while many succeed, a great

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Spanish classes online

Spanish Classes Online

Visitors drop into our blog for all kinds of reasons: maybe they want to watch our Spanish lessons on video and audio, or to keep up with news related to learning Spanish, such as the rollout

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Learning Spanish Through Football

I came across a curious news story this week about an English prep school, Thorpe House, that was using the football pitch (or soccer, for our US and Canadian friends), as an outdoor classroom to teach

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The Hardest Part of Learning Spanish

The language teacher stands in front of an auditorium full of Spanish students and asks: What´s the hardest part about learning Spanish?  “The subjunctive mood”, shouts one.  “No, No, No..  it´s the application of gender”, hollers

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Star Students & Strategies

If you were to ask the students enrolled in our online Spanish classes how fast they´d like to learn Spanish, of course they´d tell you “as fast as humanly possible”.    This should come as no surprise: 

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Using Social Media to Teach Spanish

Learn Spanish using Facebook? Even a short decade ago – back when Web Spanish began teaching Spanish classes online – asking anyone this question would have rewarded you with a blank stare, and a puzzled “Facewhat??”

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