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Medical Terms

Medical Spanish – Anatomy – The Kidney

Dolores is back, this time with a new imagined ailment. “El Doctor” explain to her what kidney disease is and the best and the worst ways to treat it.   Read the transcript here: ¡Doctor, Doctor

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Healthcare Spanish Lesson: The Liver

Dolores is back, and this time she is convinced that she has serious – and I mean serious – problems with her liver.  Never one to miss a beat, Dr. Lozano fights back with some drama

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Spanish for Medicine: Stomach Pain and Nausea

Hi. It´s nice to have you visiting our blog! Pay attention to this lesson is you are interested in learning Spanish for medicine. Today, Dr. Lozano is attending in the examination room when he receives his

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Medical Terms in Spanish: A bloody nose

Dolores is back at the doctor’s office, this time complaining about a bleeding nose. Unfailingly, her concerns are exagerated and so is the drama. But that’s okay. The doctor knows what’s up, so as usual, he

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Spanish for Medicine: Fainting (Syncope)

Let’s check in again with Dr. Lozano as he deals with his most frequent, and possibly healthiest patient (though she wouldn’t believe it), the aptly named Dolores. Read the transcript here: ¡Doctor, doctor Salvador Lozano! ¡Qué

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Healthcare Spanish: Respiratory Illnesses

Dolores walks into the doctor’s office, and Dr. Lozano says: How are you, Dolores? What are your symptoms, or what is bothering you now? Emphasis on the “now”.  It’s not that Dolores is really sick (well,

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Medical Spanish Video Lesson: Back Pain

Doctor Lozano is meeting patients, and who walks through the door?  Our favorite worry wart, Dolores. (Dolor means “pain” in Spanish, by the way). This time, she is complaining and complaining about back pain. The wise

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Spanish for Medicine: Eyesight

 In this Spanish lesson, join Dr. Lozano ( his name is a play on words) as he treats Dolores (another inside joke) for problems she says he has with her eyes. The challenge for the good

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