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Learning Spanish Through Football

I came across a curious news story this week about an English prep school, Thorpe House, that was using the football pitch (or soccer, for our US and Canadian friends), as an outdoor classroom to teach

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Richard Branson Says Kids Ought to Learn Spanish

I have always liked Richard Branson. As a business person, he has been able to switch industries from publishing, to music recording, to airlines, and now to space flight, always showing his detractors that he has

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The Hardest Part of Learning Spanish

The language teacher stands in front of an auditorium full of Spanish students and asks: What´s the hardest part about learning Spanish?  “The subjunctive mood”, shouts one.  “No, No, No..  it´s the application of gender”, hollers

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The Future of Free Spanish Lessons

There is a wealth of free Spanish lessons now available on the Web, in fact, you might even call it an avalanche – and it´s become nearly overwhelming.  Don’t get me wrong: I think it is

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Star Students & Strategies

If you were to ask the students enrolled in our online Spanish classes how fast they´d like to learn Spanish, of course they´d tell you “as fast as humanly possible”.    This should come as no surprise: 

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Using Social Media to Teach Spanish

Learn Spanish using Facebook? Even a short decade ago – back when Web Spanish began teaching Spanish classes online – asking anyone this question would have rewarded you with a blank stare, and a puzzled “Facewhat??”

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Migrant Mouse

Expats Drowning in the Ocean of Opportunity

Let me share a fable I heard years ago from a Peruvian English teacher who was trying to stimulate her young students to take their studies seriously.   The fable tells of how a young Peruvian mouse

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Want to slow aging? Learn Spanish!

Can learning Spanish online help keep you younger?  Well, it´s common sense that learning a foreign language will exercise your brain and help keep you mentally agile – we all intuitively know that – but isn´t

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El quechua en Hispanoamérica sobrevive

Hello, dear students.  This week we will take a look at some words of Quechua origin that are now recognized as being words in Spanish by the RAE.  Pay special attention to the use of the

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