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Winner of 5 Hours of Spanish Classes Online

Desde que comencé a estudiar con Web Spanish, ha pasado a formar parte de mi vida diaria. Mi profesora, Rosa, me ha iniciado en tantos aspectos de la cultura sudamericana. Cada semana aprendo algo nuevo. Por

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How to Greet Someone in Spanish

  How do you say hello and goodbye to someone in Peru? Discover how to do it in the best way possible, learn Spanish and laugh with the very elegant and formal “El Diplomatico”. Read the transcript

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Spanish Practice: Costa Rica and the Pacific Alliance

Hola, amigos. Esta semana les traemos una información de mucha importancia para Latinoamérica. Los países de Perú, Colombia, México y Chile están llegando a acuerdos importantes que abrirán fronteras y permitirán que las economías de dichos

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Spanish Listening Exercise: UNASUR and Energy

Our Spanish lesson this week is about the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) and it’s initiative to protect natural resources as well as energy resources, such as natural gas and petroleum. UNASUR is modeled after

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Spanish Listening Exercise: UNICEF and Education

Our Spanish news story this week covers the recent insights Bernt Aesen, regional director of Unicef, shared about education in Latin America and the Caribbean. A large number of male students are dropping out of school,

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Spanish Listening Practice: Media Freedom

The Spanish news article this week covers “World Press Freedom Day,” which is celebrated on May 3 each year. The theme of this years celebration was “New Voices: Media Freedom Helping to Transform Societies.” Secretary-General of

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Learn Spanish with News Clips: Employment in Mexico

This weeks news story brings us some inspiring news from the Latin American world: Mexico finished 2011 with an very low unemployment rate. As one of the participating countries in the Organization for Economic and Co-Operation

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