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What does “Poner el dedo en la llaga” mean in English?

This useful expression is most closely translated to “Put your finger on it”, or in other words, to stress the precision of something being pointed out. [esplayer url=”https://www.webspanish.com/blog/dewplayer/mp3/Poner el dedo en la llaga_mezcla.mp3″ width=”200″ height=”25″]

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Spanish Idiom

Spanish Idioms: “Tener agallas”

I was reminded of this Spanish idiomatic expression today as I watched women’s volleyball being played at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. These young women were jumping up to block balls speeding at 120

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Spanish Idiom: “Ser pan comido”

Like most idioms, “Ser pan comido” cannot be deciphered intuitively. Literally translated it means “To be eaten bread” What the heck!  Well, what this expression really means is that something that is being discussed is super

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Spanish Idiom: “Estirar la pata”

Spanish speakers are as prone as English speakers to use euphamisms when referring to something that is uncomfortable to talk about, and “estirar la pata” slips right into this category. So, false friend alert: “Estirar la

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Spanish Idiom: “No tener un pelo de tonto”

The Spanish expression “No tener un pelo de tonto” is this weeks’ addition to our list of easy-to-remember, useful Spanish idioms. In short, if someone “no tiene un pelo de tonto” it means that they are

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Spanish Idioms: “Ser uña y carne”

Not only is this a useful expression, it’s easy to understand and easy to remember. Just take a look at the back of your hand. See your finger nails? Great!  Now, try to bend one back

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Spanish Idioms: “Dar una mano a alguien”

Idiomatic expressions don’t always translate well literally or figuratively between English and Spanish, but good news, this one does. “Dar una mano a alguien” means to “Give somebody a hand”, or in other words, to help

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Spanish Idioms: “Ser un caradura”

Okay, let’s get this straight: if someone is a “caradura”, it doesn’t mean that they literally have a hard face. Nope, but to get to the bottom of the meaning, we need to delve deep into

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