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Spanish Lessons (Video)

Spanish Lesson – Este es mi auto.

Are you ready to learn some car-related vocabulary in Spanish? Great! Hop in and let’s go for a ride with Juan Carlos who will teach you some simple, useful new words. We hope you enjoyed this

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Spanish Lesson – ¿Cuánto cuesta?

“¿Cuánto cuesta?” How much does it cost? Learning how to ask the price of something is one of the first things a traveler needs to learn. In this basic Spanish lesson, listen in as Juan Carlos

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Spanish Lesson: Making a Date

In this short Spanish video lesson, you will learn some of the language and grammar used when making a date or arranging a meeting. Watch as Juan Carlos  invites Rosita to go check out the museum. 

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How to Express your Opinion in Spanish

One of the first things Spanish students need to learn is how to express their opinion and the opinion of others. In this Spanish video lesson, Juan Carlos will  teach you how to say in Spanish

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Basic Spanish Lesson: Asking about health

The Web Spanish program is based on one-to-one classes online, but besides taking classes with skilled Spanish tutors access to great Spanish tutors, Web Spanish students can also review more than 400 grammar videos in order

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