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Spanish for Travel. Lessons for Intermediate Spanish Level.

Spanish for Travelers: Taking the Train

Aprende de la mano del “Guía Turístico” cómo llegar a uno de los centros industriales y textiles más grande de Latinoamérica. Learn by the hand of the “Guía Turístico” how to get to one of the

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Spanish for Tourism: Asking for a Doctor

Most people do not become ill when they travel in South America, especially if they watch what they eat and drink. Nevertheless, if you are in the unfortunate situation where you need to seek medical help

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Spanish for Travel: Ordering Typical Dishes

Next in our series of Spanish lessons for travelers, your happy-go-lucky and over-the-top campy tour guide takes you into a restaurant and explains one of Peru’s  flagship dishes: Cebiche.   Read the script here: ¿TIENES HAMBRE?,

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Spanish Travel Phrases: Ordering Food

One of the reasons people like to travel is to sample the cuisine of different countries and Latin America is host to a varied and rich cooking culture. Take some time to learn the basic phrases

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