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Spanish Vocabulary for Law Enforcement. Lessons for Intermediate Level.

Spanish for Law Enforcement: Leaving the force

Policing is often taken for granted by citizens, and sometimes even under appreciated. And then, there’s the bureaucracy. It adds up and takes a personal toll on many who serve and protect. It’s normal that from

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Spanish for Police: I’ve Seen it All

The Web Spanish cop is based in Lima. This is a mega-city of 10 million people, so this public defender has seen it all: from petty theft , counterfeiting, political crimes to murders , terrorist attacks

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Spanish for Police: Arresting Narcos

We recognize that police officers have a difficult, often thankless job, so we created this video series just for them. With a growing latino population in the United States, police there interact with Spanish speakers frequently.

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Law Enforcement Spanish: Why I became a cop

In this Spanish video lesson, our detective answers the question: Why did you want to be a cop?  Learn what motivated him to choose a career in law enforcement, and pick up some useful Spanish vocabulary

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Spanish Video for Police Officers: Arrests

Do you work in law enforecement and would like to learn some Spanish? With this new video series you will have a better understanding of some terms used by Spanish-speaking policemen . Listen attentively to Juan

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