Spanish Lesson – My Car Won’t Start!

spanish vocabulary for cars

Last week we looked at some basic car vocabulary in Spanish. We hopped inside the vehicle, and reviewed some new words. Now, it’s time to roll! But bad news, the car won’t start, so we need to get under the hood. Watch this short Spanish video lesson to learn some basic vocabulary related to the […]

Spanish Lesson – Este es mi auto.

Are you ready to learn some car-related vocabulary in Spanish? Great! Hop in and let’s go for a ride with Juan Carlos who will teach you some simple, useful new words. We hope you enjoyed this basic level Spanish lesson. Remember, if you think you’d benefit from taking some private classes, contact us and we’ll […]

Spanish Lesson – ¿Cuánto cuesta?

“¿Cuánto cuesta?” How much does it cost? Learning how to ask the price of something is one of the first things a traveler needs to learn. In this basic Spanish lesson, listen in as Juan Carlos buys candy from a young street entrepreneur. The dialogue in the vdeo is explained with the voice overs, all […]

Do we say “la” foto or “el” foto?

Register for Online Spanish Classes with Web Spanish We first published this Spanish video lesson a few years ago, but I have bumped it back up to the top because it has proven to be one of the most web-searched grammar lessons we have ever produced. What I enjoy about this class is that Juan […]

Spanish Listening Exercise: The Shoe Repair Shop

    We took our Spanish classes to the streets a few years ago and recorded this video lesson in a small marketplace located in Miraflores, Lima. Our special guest is a shoe repairman who has been “re-using and recycling” long before these terms came into vogue. He is an expert at saving damaged shoes […]

Spanish Lesson – The verb “gustar”

Do you like dogs? Juan Carlos does, and in this lesson he will teach you some basic animal vocabulary and the verb structure you need to know in order to express that you “like” something in Spanish.  It’s tricky, because in Spanish you don’t say that you “like something” at all, you say that “something […]

How to say chair, couch, divan in Spanish

This weeks Spanish lesson may make you ponder your favorite place to take a rest. Listen carefully to learn how to use the verb “sentar,” to sit, and some additional furniture vocabulary. This verb is sure to pop up in a variety of situations, so it’s a good one to understand. Now, I won’t hesitate […]

The War Memorial in Parque Reducto, Miraflores, Lima

This Monday we are learning all about war memorials in our Spanish lesson. These monuments are really quite important because they give us a glimpse into the history and culture of a particular place, so be sure to carry this information with you on your travels! Watch as Juan Carlos takes us to “El Parque […]

How to say “photocopier” in Spanish

This Monday’s lesson is all about photocopies: where to get one, how to ask for one and how to pay for one. However, we aren’t ONLY learning about photocopies–pay close attention to some useful vocabulary related to asking and understanding directions, it’s practical and good to know. Judging by all the friendly faces in this […]

How to say “skipping rope” in Spanish

This Monday our Spanish lesson is all about jump ropes. And who doesn´t love jump ropes? They are entertaining, a great exercise and handy for kids and adults alike, so lets learn how to use one. The vocabulary in this lesson is practical and sure to help you in a variety of situations, so listen […]