How to Say Umbrella and Parasol in Spanish

This week’s Spanish lesson is all about umbrellas. Whether you’re ready for a vacation and need some protection from the sun or headed out into some stormy weather, this video will help you communicate your needs. We are learning all three, yes, three words for umbrella: an umbrella for the rain…an umbrella for the sun…and […]

How to say “Embrace” or “Hug” in Spanish

This Spanish lesson may just make your heart flutter, it’s all about hugs! And what better place to talk about affection than the “Parque del Amor?” Located in Miraflores, the “Love Park” is a beautiful seaside attraction, complete with mosaic covered walls and a statue of a couple’s embrace…quite fitting for this week’s theme don’t […]

Spanish Lesson – Mirando el mar

This Spanish lesson has a couple things going for it: you get to see a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean from the coastline of Lima Peru, and then you learn to say how beautiful it is in Spanish. Pay special attention to see the spelling of the Spanish equivalent of “wow”. By the way, […]

Spanish Lessons – Tai Chi Chuan

Our Spanish lesson this week focuses on the use of the present tense, and particularly the verb “ser”. Helping out our teacher Juan Carlos was a wonderful group of women we met at the park who were practicing Tai Chi Chuan. Gracias, señoras.

Funky Cow Statues in Miraflores, Lima, Peru

Out of all the Spanish lessons we have produced, this one is, well, the weirdest. The lesson sprang out of a street art exhibition that consisted in putting life-sized plaster casts of cows in different parts of Lima. Each cow had been painted by a different artist, and each had its own theme. If you […]

Memorial Statue on Tarata Street in Miraflores

Terrorism is perhaps and odd topic for the language classroom, but in the spirit of our “street-level” Spanish lessons, we could not pass up the opportunity to comment on Calle Tarata – or Tarata Street – which was the site of a bloody man-made explosion in 1992. Calle Tarata is located in a mixed residential […]

How to say hat, cap and visor in Spanish.

Welcome back! Our video this week is a Spanish lesson about hats, caps and visors. Juan Carlos engages in an impromptu fitting session under the watchful eye of a first grumpy, then cheerful, street vendor. If you enjoy these Spanish lessons, why not consider complementing them with some Spanish lessons online? Web Spanish offers you […]

Spanish Lessons – Instrumentos musicales peruanos

This video ranks as one of my favorite in this series of Spanish lessons. The music store owner, señor Marín – while not really dressed for the occasion – had a helpful attitude once we explained that our videos are meant to help folks from all over the world learn the Spanish language. In this […]

Spanish Lessons – La vendedora de caramelos

“How much does it cost?” “Okay.. I’ll take one”. Few Spanish lessons could be more practical than this one, which teaches you how to buy a simple item from a street stall. Our guest star in this clip was a woman with a candy and cigarette kiosk located on a busy street corner in Miraflores, […]

Spanish Lesson: She loves me. She loves me not.

Love, love, love…. ahh.. it makes the sun shine and the birds sing. “She loves me, she loves me not”, ponders our lovestruck Juan Carlos as he plucks away petals, hoping to find a sign that his love may be reciprocated. Watch this lesson and learn how to use the verbs “querer” and “amar”.