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Spanish Lesson: “¿Qué hora es? o ¿Qué horas son?”

¿Qué hora es? o ¿Qué horas son?

el-linguista-impersonal-seDescubre la manera correcta de decir la hora en español con este divertido video y, si no lo entiendes, a lo mejor es hora que te inscribas en uno de nuestros programas y aprendas español con un profesor nativo.

Discover the correct way to say the time in Spanish with this video, and if you don’t understand it, maybe in time for you to enroll in one of our Spanish programs and to start learning Spanish with a native teacher.

Read the transcript here:

Good morning my linguist friend.
Ah, good morning, what time is it?
It’s 6 in the morning
And, why are you waking me up so early?
I have a question for you.
What is it?
What time is it? or What time is it?
It’s 6 in the morning I’ve just told you that.
Yes, I know but. What time is it? or What time is it?
It is six in the morning!
¡Then both ways to ask are possible!
Yes, only if you ask a question. If you are giving the time to someone there should be concordance in between the verb and the number of hours (for the question to be singular or plural)
It’s 6 now….but it will be 1 in the afternoon when I wake up again. Bye

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