Spanish Listening Practice: “El caso más gracioso”

“El Policía” this time  has a funny story about a football match discover what is it about, and if you don’t understand it, maybe in time for you to enroll in one of our Spanish programs and to start learning Spanish online anytime anywhere.

Read the transcript here: 

Yes, we do have false alarms in this profession as well and also many bizarre cases. I will never forget one in particular, this case is about a couple of young friends who had a fight while they were watching a football  (soccer) match. The fight turned dangerous when one of them tried to attack the other with a knife!

These young men were drinking alcohol since midday and by the time the match started at 8:00pm they started to argue about the players and the referee´s  decision making. Both ended up in jail with minor injuries.

Finally, we gave them minor charges because of the weapons and because they disturbed the peace that day. They pleaded guilty and spent a night in prison. What a (football/soccer) match!


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