Discover the World of Spanish with Our Free Video Course: Spanish Awakenings

Spanish Awakenings: A Video Course For People Learning Spanish

At Web Spanish, we believe that learning a new language should be an exciting and accessible experience for everyone. That’s why we’re delighted to announce that our Spanish Awakenings video series is once again available for free on our webpage. This beginner-friendly course is designed to introduce you to the fascinating world of the Spanish language through a captivating and easy-to-follow storyline.

The Spanish Awakening Series:

Over the course of 44 engaging episodes, the Spanish Awakenings series will guide you on a journey to learn the fundamentals of the Spanish language. Each lesson is carefully crafted to help you progress from one level to the next, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

What You Will Learn:

By the time you complete the series and engage in the self-study work using the provided audios and study guides, you will have acquired essential Spanish language skills, including:


    1. Introducing yourself in Spanish

    1. Asking simple questions to spark conversations

    1. Ordering food at restaurants with confidence

    1. Expressing your feelings and emotions

    1. Sharing your opinions with others

These foundational skills will pave the way for further exploration and mastery of the Spanish language as you continue your studies.

Embark on Your Spanish Language Adventure:

We invite you to immerse yourself in the Spanish Awakenings series and experience the joy of learning a new language. We hope that this free course not only helps you develop your language skills but also fuels your passion for discovering new cultures and making meaningful connections.

Begin your Spanish language journey today with Spanish Awakenings, and let Web Spanish be your guide to a world of endless possibilities!

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