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Thanks for joining me for the inauguration of this blog because it marks a new phase for our online Spanish school.  This space will put us in closer contact with our students, and will be a good way to let others know a little bit more about the world of our online Spanish school.

But more than anything else, this will be a place for you to watch, read and learn Spanish. Our videos take the “travel approach” to teaching, where the lesson is built around a day-to-day situations you might come across in South America. To produce them, we send a teacher and cameraman into the streets of Lima and they find teaching opportunities that transfer well to video. The videos are visual and incorporate real people in many of the dynamics; we hope that this keeps them entertaining and useful. Additionally, we present you with a weekly news clip, complete with audio recorded in our studio, so you can learn about current events that affect the Spanish-speaking world, while practicing your listening skills and learning new vocabulary.

I hope that this site will become one more tool in your “arsenal of weapons” as you try to learn Spanish. We will do everything we can to keep it interesting so that you return to us time and time again, and remember, Web Spanish also offers Spanish lessons online, with your own private teacher, which is a great way to give your Spanish studies structure and to keep your motivation up!



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