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How to Choose an Online Spanish Course

Choosing an online Spanish course

With an ever increasing number of people enrolling in Spanish courses online, it is worth reviewing a few important points of comparison before you decide on a program.
Choosing an online Spanish course
1. Determine if you are you dealing with a school, or a freelance teacher? There are many excellent independent online instructors teaching Spanish online, but there is an even greater number of lousy ones. The problem is that for students with a basic level of Spanish, it is difficult to tell if your teacher knows what he or she is doing, and this can make all the difference. Good online Spanish teachers will find shortcuts for you, and they will make sense out of abstract grammatical points because they understand the workings of the language –and because they are experienced, they have probably had to teach exactly the same lesson before. One way to minimize the risk of ending up with a bad teacher – and to ensure that your online Spanish tutor is trained to teach – is to enroll with an online Spanish school. The school will have vetted and possibly trained the teacher, which means that you are more likely to get quality.

2. Does your course have an established curriculum? It is not unusual for freelance teachers to use scanned copies of books willy-nilly in their classes, and because they are untrained, they do not have a clear understanding of the student’s level of Spanish, nor do they have a trustworthy way to test progress. When you want to enroll in a Spanish class online, be sure to choose a school that uses a set curriculum and one that offers students evaluator feedback through regular testing.

3. Does the Spanish course mix all four language competencies? Sure, it’s fun to spend your entire class period just speaking Spanish – speaking is great and it’s an integral part of the learning process –but that said, just practicing speaking Spanish is not enough: complete Spanish course will also help your listening, writing and reading. So, if you are considering enrolling on in online Spanish course, ask the school or the teacher how they teach these four competencies in their online classroom.

4. Does the Spanish course have a system of substitute and replacement teachers? The truth is, sometimes teachers get sick, or they move on to other jobs, or maybe the student is just not happy with the teachers style – or in other words, the chemistry just isn’t there. When you are shopping around for a Spanish course, take all of this into account and look for a school that offers to replace your teacher with another, for any reason. Bear in mind that for this to take place, the teachers will need to have similar training and methodology, and to be working from the same curriculum in order for the switch to be seamless.

5. Does the course offer supplementary materials? Motivated students love to have an opportunity to either review past chapters or to jump ahead to get a head start on upcoming lessons. Check to see if the Spanish course you want to enroll in offers you resources for self-study.

In conclusion, before choosing an online Spanish class, take these important points into consideration. Choose correctly and you will have taken a huge and important step to learning Spanish. Choose poorly, you run the risk dropping out of class, dissatisfied and frustrated.Good luck and happy studying!

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