How to Express your Opinion in Spanish

Expresar tu opinionOne of the first things Spanish students need to learn is how to express their opinion and the opinion of others. In this Spanish video lesson, Juan Carlos will  teach you how to say in Spanish “I think”, “I prefer”, and “It seems to me”.  Please feel free to comment on all of our video lessons, and feel welcome to request your free introductory Spanish lesson with one of our online Spanish teachers so you can practice what you see in these videos with a native Spanish speaking instructor.

Just in case you need it, here is the transcript translated into English.

We are going to study how to express our opinions and the opinions of other people.

What do you think about adventure sports?

I think that adventure sports are lots of fun. But, they can be very dangerous.

I think that taking a mountain hike is entertaining and it’s safer.

It seems to me that scaling a mountain is dangerous.

What do your friends think about adventure sports?

Ana thinks that rafting is the most interesting adventure sport, but Luis thinks that paragliding is more fun.

My friends and I think that riding a mountain bike is easier. Which sport to you prefer? I prefer walking/hiking in the mountains, because I like to be in contact with nature. I always start my walk/hike at five in the morning with my friends.

My friends and I prefer to see the dawn.

I recommend walking/hiking in the mountains of Peru. They are very beautiful.

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