Learn Some Spanish, Donald.

Trump and Spanish SpeakersThere are loads of great reasons politicians in the USA should learn to speak Spanish: they could improve their reach into Hispanic communities, improve themselves as role model for school kids, and show adults that it is never too late to learn a new skill.
But speaking to friends here in South America, I have heard a couple additional reasons presidential candidate Donald Trump should consider learning Spanish. A Spanish-speaking Trump could:


  • Explain to Hispanics in the USA that he doesn’t think ALL illegal Latino immigrants are criminals, rapists and drug dealers. 
  • Use Spanish when pitching the Mexican people to pay for the border wall. Understand the intricacies of their counter-offer. 
  • Confess directly to Argentine Pope Francis to clean the spiritual slate with respect to all that nasty “locker room talk” — and any other possible transgression he might be worried about. After all, world class leaders deserve world class forgiveness!


To help make a Spanish-speaking Trump a reality, Web Spanish is offering the US presidential candidate 500 hours of free online Spanish classes delivered by some of our best instructors. Mr. Trump – win or lose – please get in touch with us.  Your first Spanish lesson on  line is just a click away.

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