Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy holidays to everyone, especially our Web Spanish students. We had a smaller-than-average celebration as scheduling and travel conspired to keep a good number of our teachers away. Sill, we made the most of it.  In the photo from left to right is Giselle, Angela, Alan, Olivia, Kathy, Maria and Janette. We were missing Juan Carlos, Antonella, Deysi, Cecilia and Desirée.

It has been a good year for all of us, and next year promises to be even better.   Peru has classified to play in the soccer World Cup in 2018, which has everyone excited, and the pope will be visiting Peru, giving three masses in different parts of the country. In so far as the Web Spanish program goes, we will be launching a new video series for basic students, and will be giving our text-book a much needed update.

On behalf of all of our staff at, we wish you the very best in 2018. If you are currently studying Spanish we wish you continued success. Remember the key is committment!  Motivation comes and goes, but if you really commit to learning Spanish, nothing can stop you.

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