New Agreement Between SIELE and Universia to Promote SIELE in Brazil

flags_spain-brazil200x135The promotion of the SIELE exam (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) in Brazil has taken a giant leap forward,  thanks to a new collaboration agreement signed between SIELE and Universia, an online portal that inter-connects Latin American universities, stimulates joint research projects, helps university graduates find employment, and promotes MOOCS.

By virtue of this alliance, “Universia  Brasil” will promote the SIELE exam to potential test takers and will help build the network of authorized SIELE test centers in Brazil. The proposed goal is to add 150 test centers in Brazil, which will join the 145 centers located around the globe.

Currently, an estimated six million Brazilians speak Spanish and the government calculates that by the year 2025,  30 million million Brazilians will use Spanish as a second language.  This increment in the number of Spanish speakers will undoubtedly lead to a higher demand  for  online SIELE preparation courses, among other services.

According to the Director of the Cervantes Institute  of Sao Paolo, Juan Carlos Vidal “Spanish continues to be a language with potential in Brazil, thanks to its strong ties with Europe, and its economic and cultural relationships with neighboring countries, Mercosur (a trade alliance), and thanks to the ever increasing importance of the Hispanic community in the United States.”

The Cervantes Institute (a dependency of the Spanish government) is one of four owners of the SIELE exam, and its most active proponent.

The SIELE is a new computer-based exam that measures Spanish proficiency. The long-term goal is to promote the exam globally, but during the initial phase, the main markets are Brazil, the United States,  and China.

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