The Royal “Nosotros”

It’s no surprise that the Royals are polyglots, we got a kick to learn that the tiniest of the regal tribe, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are learning Spanish.  Besides formal lessons, they have two in-house, or rather in-palace, support tutors. Their nanny is Spanish-speaking, and interestingly, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, also speaks […]

A Linguistic “Autogol”

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It’s time to take some Spanish classes online, Gareth Bale. It turns out that the Real Madrid soccer star has been feeling the wrath of his fans recently  in part because of his inability to speak Spanish after more than five years with the team. Bale was booed by his own fans recently when he […]

Two New SIELE Centers in Mexico


The SIELE continues to increase its reach. The Cervantes Institute is on the move again, signing new agreements with two institutions in order to bring them into the network of institutions that offer the SIELE exam to students who want to take this cutting edge placement exam. The latest agreement is between the Cervantes Institute […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Happy holidays to everyone, especially our Web Spanish students. We had a smaller-than-average celebration as scheduling and travel conspired to keep a good number of our teachers away. Sill, we made the most of it.  In the photo from left to right is Giselle, Angela, Alan, Olivia, Kathy, Maria and Janette. We were missing Juan […]

The Federation of Spanish Schools to Promote SIELE

On February 15, 2017, La Federación Española de Asociaciones de Escuelas de Español para Extranjeros (FEDELE) signed an agreement to promote SIELE (Servicion Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española). The collaboration agreement was signed into practice by FEDELE Preident Mari Carmen Timor, and Sara Alegría, the commercial director of Telefónica Educación Digital, the company […]

Spanish Instruction: It’s Needed More Than Ever

At Web Spanish, we have always believed that the best way to fight discrimination is to educate against it, focusing efforts on today’s children and youth and we feel that those who teach young people about other languages and cultures foster a more accepting and inclusive future. In today’s globalized world, it is imperative that […]

Making Your Resolutions Stick

  Registrations at our online Spanish school always jump during the first two weeks of January as people embark on a fresh start learning Spanish; we are overjoyed to welcome all our new students and wish them success as they try to improve their Spanish online. No doubt  for some of them, this commitment to […]

SIELE arrives in China

Following on from a digital education agreement signed between Telefonica, Tsinghua University, and XuetangX, the SIELE exam and certification has been launched in China (SIELE西班牙语考试练习). The SIELE, established by the Cervantes institute and a coalition of universities is the first Spanish language accreditation that can be taking online. It offers participants a unique evaluation, which […]

SIELE exam dates 2017 announced

SIELE, the International Service for Spanish Language Assessment, which is set to become the new standard for Spanish language proficiency has released exam dates for 2017. The SIELE is supported by the Cervantes Institute, and a coalition of universities worldwide. Offering students, the opportunity to complete exams made up of four parts (reading, writing, speaking, […]

Why are university students dropping out of Spanish?

In 2015, an MLA study showed that the number of students studying languages as a major in US universities had declined for the first time ever – why is this? And is it a reason to worry? I don’t think so, as it reflects the changes in how people want to learn languages, and the […]