New Agreement Between SIELE and Universia to Promote SIELE in Brazil

The promotion of the SIELE exam (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) in Brazil has taken a giant leap forward,  thanks to a new collaboration agreement signed between SIELE and Universia, an online portal that inter-connects Latin American universities, stimulates joint research projects, helps university graduates find employment, and promotes MOOCS. By virtue […]

TED TALK: Four Reasons to Learn a New Language

LEARNING SPANISH WITH ONLINE SPANISH LESSONS   There is a worthwhile  Ted Talk given by linguist and Columbia professor John McWhorter that has been making the rounds recently. In a 10 minute whirlwind of ideas,  McWhorter makes the case that English is rapidly consolidating its position as the global language, and points out how this […]

SIELE Exam in “Total Liftoff”

  The SIELE Spanish proficiency test is in “total liftoff” mode according to Víctor García de la Concha,  director of the Cervantes Institute, one of the main bodies behind the creation and promotion of the new Spanish proficiency test. De la  Concha reported that there are now 60 important universities associated with the SIELE venture, […]

Learn Some Spanish, Donald.

Trump and Spanish Speakers

There are loads of great reasons politicians in the USA should learn to speak Spanish: they could improve their reach into Hispanic communities, improve themselves as role model for school kids, and show adults that it is never too late to learn a new skill. But speaking to friends here in South America, I have […]

How Long Does it Take to Learn Spanish?

There is no single answer to this question, but this blog post will give you an idea of the most common variables that can determine how fast you can learn Spanish. Once you take these factors into account – and see where you fit in – you will have a better idea how long you […]

Movie Starring Martin Sheen Shot in Spanish and English

bilingual movie The Vessel

A press release about a new movie shot in both Spanish and English caught my eye this morning because of its implications for online Spanish language schools like Web Spanish, and because of its potential impact on the US movie industry, which is rushing to find new ways to capture the growing market of Spanish […]

How Can I Learn Spanish?

You have asked yourself “How can I learn Spanish?” You are not alone: Spanish is the most studied second language after English. Millions start learning it as adults every year, and while many succeed, a great many others crash and burn. But be encouraged: you already have a head start on many others. Why? Well, […]

Spanish for Police Officers in the USA

spanish for police officers

Police departments in the United States are facing growing pressure to either hire more Latino officers, or to train their current staff to be functional in Spanish. It’s no surprise: according to the US Census Bureau, more than 38 million people living in the United States claim Spanish as their primary language, and while most […]

Spanish Vocabulary Lesson: Your Family Members

Here is a basic Spanish lesson for those of you who need to learn or practice the Spanish names used for family members. Learning the Spanish vocabulary to express family relationships is incredibly important, because the most basic conversations that you will have when you begin to learn Spanish will often involve a discussion about […]

How to Choose an Online Spanish Course

Choosing an online Spanish course

With an ever increasing number of people enrolling in Spanish courses online, it is worth reviewing a few important points of comparison before you decide on a program. 1. Determine if you are you dealing with a school, or a freelance teacher? There are many excellent independent online instructors teaching Spanish online, but there is […]