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Learn Spanish with Cognates: At the Circus

In this light hearted Spanish lesson Juan Carlos brings you to the circus to teach you some new cognates. Learn words like “familia” and “elefantes,” I’m sure just by seeing them you already know what they

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Spanish – English Cognates: The Secret Agent

This Monday it’s time for another cognate Spanish lesson. Cognates are a great shortcut for learning new vocabulary because they are Spanish words that look and sound similar to their English equivalents. Watch Juan Carlos get

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Spanish – English Cognates: The Celebration

Today our Spanish lesson teaches us some cognates that have to do with celebration, just in time for Halloween. Watch Juan Carlos get his groove on at this anniversary party and learn some practical new words.

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How to say “I am cold” in Spanish

To add to last week’s Spanish lesson about heat, we are posting a cognate video about feeling cold. Watch Juan Carlos’ teeth chatter as he devotedly teaches us how to say we are freezing. Make sure

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How to say “I am hot” in Spanish

In today’s Spanish lesson Juan Carlos turns the heat up and teaches you some basic, but very essential, new phrases. Being overly hot, or cold, are feelings that everyone experiences as the seasons change. This video

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