Mundo Hispano – Elecciones presidenciales en Colombia

When choosing topics for the “Mundo Hispano” Spanish lessons, we try to select current events that are of general interest to people living in the Spanish-speaking world. Last week, presidential elections were held in Columbia, and voters where presented with two candidates that were very different from one another. On one hand, the hard-nosed conservative […]

Spanish Lesson – “Plata” metal, “plata” dinero.

Silver has long been valued as a precious metal and it is used to make everything from table utensils to photographic film, but probably the best-known use of silver is to make jewelry. True to our style of teaching our free Spanish lessons from the nooks, crannies and backrooms of Lima, Peru, Juan Carlos takes […]

Listening Practice: The World Cup

There is nothing in the world that brings Spanish-speakers together like “fútbol”, and the World Cup championship currently being held in South Africa is no exception. The opening ceremonies – as to be expected – were spectacular! Pay close attention to see if you can pick out the following words: Inauguración: acto solemne con el […]

Spanish Listening Practice – The Bicentenial

This year Argentina celebrates its independence from Spain. Celebrations began on May 21 with millions of people in attendance, making it the biggest outdoor festivities Argentina has seen since it celebrated its return to democratic rule after seven years of military dictatorship in 1983. Argentina was the first Latin American country to win it´s independence, […]

Spanish Lesson – ¿Se dice “el moto” o “la moto”?

spanish video lesson

In this Spanish video lesson we shot a few years ago in funky little marketplace in the district of Miraflores, in Lima, Juan Carlos takes a look at the word “moto”, and explains why – even though it ends with the letter “o” – Spanish speakers use the article “la” – as in “La moto”. […]

Mundo Hispano – La VI Cumbre ALC-UE Madrid 2010

There was an important political summit held in Spain in mid-May, which brought together leaders from Europe and Latin America to discuss issues of mutual interest. On the agenda, among other things, was the ever polemic issue of illegal immigration. Try your best to read the article, then play the audio version to hear it […]

Spanish Lesson – La banca y el banco

Spanish words that sound the similar to one another can be either your best friends, or your worst enemies. Relating them together can be a great learning strategy, but confusing them can be, well…. confusing! In this Spanish vocabulary lesson, Juan Carlos looks at the similarity, and the difference, between “el banco” and “la banca”. […]

Web Spanish – Behind the Scenes – Juan Carlos Morón

As one of the creative forces behind these Spanish video lessons is Juan Carlos Morón, a professional actor who also happens to be a tremendously good Spanish teacher. Juan Carlos speaks Spanish, English and Finnish, and studies acting at Peru´s “Ecuela Nacional Superior de Arte Dramático”. “Juanca” as his friends call him, is a constant […]

¡Feliz Día Mamá! – From Web Spanish

It is that time of year again when life screeches to a stop in Peru and we all take the time to pay homage to our mothers, grandmothers, and any other mother that might cross our path. Restaurants are full to bursting, flower stores are sold out, jewelry shops are celebrating the great week they […]

Web Spanish – Two Online Teachers Working in Tacna, Peru

  Web Spanish has  two online Spanish teachers working for them in Tacna, Peru, a midsized city in southern Peru, close to the border with Chile.  Tacna is located in hot, arid desert, and the sky reaches wonderful shades of blue. The city is interesting for a couple historical reasons: the region is rich with […]