Seniors and Spanish Classes Online

test taker 2Language Learning and Brain Health For Seniors:It’s never too late to get started

It is no surprise that over 70% of the students who take Spanish classes online with us are over the age of 55. They are on to something!

A recent study carried out at the University of Edinburgh showed a correlation between learning a second language and improved cognitive abilities – particularly in the area of general intelligence and reading – and it didn’t matter whether the language had been learned as a child, or later in life. These results came on the heels of a similar study that showed evidence that being bilingual could delay the onset of dementia by several years.
The evidence just keeps stacking up: learning a foreign language is a great way to stay mentally agile, and it is never too late to get started. In fact, the barrier that prevent many seniors from learning a second language isn’t age, it’s a no-can-do attitude and a lack of strategy.

Enroll in our Spanish classes online and you will be surprised at how fast you begin to communicate in your new language. Brain health aside, you’ll quickly discover a range of other perks, such as new travel opportunities, new friendships, and a whole new way of looking at the world.

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