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Spanish Grammar Lesson: Using “a por”

“A por” is used differently in Latin America and in Spain, find out how in the last video of “El Lingüista”. And do not forget to sign up for one of our Spanish programs online.

Read the transcript here:

Hola, amigo Lingüista ¿Adónde vas?
Hello, my Linguist friend, where are you going?

Voy por el periódico.
I am going for the newspaper.

¡Ah!… ¿me compras unas revistas, por favor?
Ah!… Could you buy me some magazines please?

Sí claro. ¿Sabías que si estuviéramos en España yo podría haber dicho: “Voy a por el periódico”?
Yes of course. Did you know that, if we were in Spain I could have said, “I am going to the newspaper”?

Suena mal, ¿no?
Sounds bad, right?

Sí, pero en España esta expresión es común y aceptada; sin embargo, en Hispanoamérica no se usa.
Yes, but in Spain this expression is common and acceptable, although it is not in Latin America.

Es decir, si te preguntara: “Pues, hombre, amigo, ¿adónde vas?” tú me responderías:
That means that, I could have ask you: “Well, hombre, where are you going?” You Would have answered me:

“Pues, que me voy a por el periódico, hija, y olé…”
“Well, I’m going to the newspaper, hija, and olé …”


Interesting lesson! Say, not all of our blog readers find the “El Lingüista” posts of much interest. In fact, we find that most of the people who watch them are native Spanish-speakers who have questions about their own language – and that’s just fine. That said, if you are not a native-Spanish speaker, but you feel driven to really nail down the details of Spanish grammar, I wonder if you have ever considered preparing for the DELE exam. The DELE (“exam” is, in fact, redundant) is a demanding proficiency test for learners of Spanish, and preparing for the higher levels of the tests involved will challenge you to improve. We don’t offer a complete DELE training course at Web Spanish, but we do offer a 5 hour introductory course that will lay out the exam for you.

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