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How to ask someone out in Spanish

Juan Carlos gets pushed back into the “friend zone” when he tries to ask Rosa out on a date. Maybe he should be more straight forward about it. What do you think?



Read the translation here:

Let’s study expressions used to invite and to set appointments.

Rosa, let´s go to the history museum? Yes of course, let’s go.

I want to know about Peruvian history. At what time and where shall we meet to go to the museum?

At 4:00pm, at the door of the museum.

And after the museum, would you like to have dinner?

Yes, I would like it very much.

Good. What do you think if we go to the movies afterwards ?

I am sorry, but I can’t. I have to study at night.

Shall we go to the cinema some other day?

Of course. That’s perfect.

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One Response

  1. As always, this audio is delightful.
    Could you please make the transcript available with both
    Spanish and English as you have in the past. I really like to
    use them to practice reading Spanish aloud.
    Thank you so much for producing these videos. They are
    powerful learning tools.

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