¿Es pan comido?
¿Es pan comido?
Like most idioms, “Ser pan comido” cannot be deciphered intuitively. Literally translated it means “To be eaten bread” What the heck!  Well, what this expression really means is that something that is being discussed is super easy to do. In English, we’d say “It’s a piece of cake”, or, “It’s easy as pie”.
Listen to this short dialogue, then read the script and translation below.

Una madre y su hijo en casa.
A mother and her son at home.
¿Sí?, mamá.
Yes, mom.
– ¿Ya has estudiado para la prueba de matemáticas de mañana?
Have you studied for tomorrow’s math test?
– Sí, mamá. No te preocupes, para mí las matemáticas “son pan comido”.
Yes, mom. Don’t worry. For me, math is “pan comido” (Math is a peice of cake).
– Querrás decir que vas a obtener una buena calificación, ¿verdad?
Do you mean to say that you will obtain a good grade, right?
– Sí, mamá, eso quise decir…
Yes, mom. That’s what I meant to say…
Explicación: ”Ser pan comido” = ser algo muy simple de hacer.
Explanation: “Ser pan comido” = To be something simple to do.
That’s our lesson for this week. I hope you enjoyed it. If you would like to keep learning Spanish and would like to try classes with a native Spanish tutor online, sign up for a trial class.

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