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Spanish Idiom: “No tener un pelo de tonto”

ni un pelo de tontoThe Spanish expression “No tener un pelo de tonto” is this weeks’ addition to our list of easy-to-remember, useful Spanish idioms.

In short, if someone “no tiene un pelo de tonto” it means that they are not easy to trick or fool. They may be shy or quiet, but naïve? Not a chance!  In fact, the expression means literally that they don’t even have one foolish hair on their head.

Listen to how the idiom is used in this short dialogue, then read on to see the audio script and translation into English.

Dos novios al teléfono.

A girl speaks to her fiancé on the telephone.

– ¿Amor, dónde estás?

Love, where are you?

– En la oficina, amor. Hoy saldré muy tarde.

At the office, love.

– Hoy es la cena con mis padres. ¿Lo has olvidado?

Today is the supper with my parents. Have you forgotten?

– No, pero no puedo moverme de aquí, el informe de costos es urgente.

No, but I can’t leave from here. The cost report is urgent.

– Luis Alberto, “yo no tengo un pelo de tonta”. Ese informe lo tienes que entregar la semana que viene. Regresa a casa ahora mismo porque debemos cenar con mis padres.

Luis Alberto, I am not foolish (naïve, easy to trick, etc). You need to hand that report in next week. Come home now because we need to have supper with my parents.

– Está bien, amor, ya voy.

Okay, love. I’m on my way.

Explicación: “No tener un pelo de tonto” = ser una persona difícil de engañar con mentiras.

Expalantion: “No tener un pelo de tonto” = to be someone very difficult to trick with lies.

Thanks for listening to our Spanish audio lesson!  Have a great week.



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