Spanish Idiom: “Ver las estrellas”



It’s happened to all of us. The culprit might have been contact sports, a low-hanging branch, a rough-housing sibling or a telephone pole that leaped into your path as you wandered along the sidewalk, staring intently at your smartphone and minding your own business.  That´s right. I am talking about receiving a blow to your head that really shakes you up.

In English you might say (among other things): “I see stars”. Well, as it turns out, Spanish speakers experience the same universe of pain when they smack their coco

Listen to the conversation and hear the idiom “Ver las estrellas” in context:

Ver las estrellas: Seeing Stars

Audio Transcription

“Ver las estrellas”

Dos amigos a la salida de la universidad.

– ¿Qué te pasó en el ojo? ¡Está hinchado y morado!

– Me dí a golpes con un chico de la facultad.

– ¿Cómo lo dejaste?

– Lo dejé “viendo las estrellas” con los golpes que le di… pero, no salí ileso (suspiro).

Explicación: “Ver las estrellas” = sentir un dolor muy fuerte y vivo.


It’s nice when the idioms match up so closely between English and Spanish; it makes the expressions so much easier to learn, and gives your Spanish so much more depth.

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