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Spanish Idioms: “Dar una mano a alguien”

give someone a handIdiomatic expressions don’t always translate well literally or figuratively between English and Spanish, but good news, this one does. “Dar una mano a alguien” means to “Give somebody a hand”, or in other words, to help somebody out. It is an easy idiom to learn and it’s super practical – but just remember to avoid the common mistake of saying “Un mano”. That is because the Spanish word for hand, Mano, is feminine (even though it ends in O) so it requires the feminine article Una.

Listen to the audio to hear the expression used, and if you need to, follow along with the script I have included beneath the player:


Un chico jóven a una señora en la calle.
A young man to a woman in the street.
– ¡Estas bolsas son realmente pesadas, ya no puedo más!
These bags are really heavy. I can’t go on!
– Señora, ¿”le doy una mano”?
Ma’am, can I give you a hand?
– Si fueras tan amable, porque yo ya no puedo más.
If you would be so kind, because I can’t go on.
– ¡Cómo no! Yo la ayudo. ¿Adónde va?
Of course! I will help you. Where are you going?
Explicación: “Darle una mano a alguien” = brindarle ayuda a alguien que la necesita.
Explanation: “Give somebody a hand” = give help to someone that needs it.

And please, don’t take the expression too literally.
give someone a hand - not

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